BP-700/800 Blister Packaging M/C             BP-812 Continuous Blister Packaging M/C  












bulletInstantly sealing for the decorative paper board & PP, PVC, PET blister enveloping and the decorative paper board not to deform, instant heating so that, fully enveloping for blister.
bulletEasy operation, power & time save and high production rate.。
bulletThe machine is suitable for popular commodity such as toy, stationery, drugs, candy, electronic parts, hardware etc., for instant enveloping.



BP-700 BP-800 BP-812
Packing area 360x580mm 360x580mm 380x600mm
Packing capacity 4-8sec 4-8sec 10-15times/min
Electric heating 1.4kw 1.4kw Heater:4kw.Instant:6kw
Voltage 220V/1P/3P 220V/1P/3P 220V/1P/3P
Air compressor 1/4HP 1/4HP 1HP
Machine size 1850(L)x570(W)x1200(H) 1850(L)x570(W)x1200(H) 2800(L)x840(W)x1600(H)
Type Heater, Semi-Auto Instant, Semi-Auto Full-Auto